Postmodernism and stuff

Academics love classifying things by epochs. This leads to an eruption of theory, criticising the era before and spamming journals.

I am not bashing academics or theory. In fact, I quiet like them both and I’m very much a part of that world again because of my studies.

And it’s interesting how it always takes a little longer for theory to filter into society. My studies and research are heavily influenced by Postmodernism, but most people are still a little stuck in Modernism. Especially in a business environment.

Image from versionz on Flickr

That’s fine and everything, because I am not 100% sold on Postmodernism. I’m not 100% sold on Modernism either. Or any of the eras before that.

Instead I am amused that people need to classify things. Because we’re probably in the next era already, but academics are still fighting fiercely for their theory and will probably die before they move on.

So, I can deconstruct your text, and I can tell you all about how reality is socially constructed, I can tell you if a novel is postmodern or not, and I can even criticize the theories I’m familiar with. How exciting!

But what does this mean for me as a researcher? And is my degree meaningless besides sharpening my skills to engage with knowledge and assimilate it into more practical environment? Will the huge amounts of words I have written so far this year for my Masters be meaningless? Are they not perhaps already meaningless, even the ones I have yet to write? (Note the existential angst coming through? That’s another thing I know academic stuff about).

You may ask why am torturing myself with this. It’s simple really: because it’s interesting. And it makes me sound clever. On occasion it can even kill a conversation when I want some silence.

Postmodernism and stuff

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