Small Willy City

A few weeks ago I went on a work trip to Pretoria.

And as a resident of the great city of Johannesburg, I am not alone in having a few stereotypes about Pretoria in my head. Pretoria is very Afrikaans, Pretoria is conservative, I will see men in khaki, shorts and socks and my lunch will be braaivleis, pap and brandy.

After my trip I know that this is not all true and instead I formulated a new stereotype: men from Pretoria are not well endowed.

I got off the Gautrain at Hatfield and we took a little stroll through the streets of Pretoria. Soon I saw this:

And a hundred metres further I saw this:

I turned a corner and saw this:

And a little later Dr Mando’s competitor was trying a similar marketing tactic.

So why do the folks in Pretoria need to be aware of penis enlargement as a service? One of the basic principles of economics suggests that it’s because of demand.

Small Willy City

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