Learning about animals

Youtube is a great source of educational videos. When you sift through all the stupid cat videos and the clips of teenage boys getting knocked in the balls, you can learn stuff.

Today, I found out that Honey Badgers just don’t give a shit. And I learnt that they are super tough and we should consider using them as tyres (if anything can survive a pothole, it’s the honey badger). Watch this video to find out more about this wonderful creature:

After that I took a easily linked trip to Tasmania to learn about Satan’s Best Friend the Tasmanian Devils. They are super tough on the inside and all I really learnt is that they are disgusting and eat anything.

But I do have a little crush developing on the Randall narrator. I think he’s funny. And that, besides him being tall, is the main reason why I have the hots for Jeremy Clarkson.

Learning about animals

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