I’m going back to university

I’m going back to university after a three year break. I’ll be keeping my job. I don’t think I really know what I have got myself into.

Image stolen from litherland on Flickr.

And this time it’s going to be very different. Because this time I have a real job and it keeps me busy. I also really like this pony:

And she needs riding (Thanks Lauren Barkume for the picture)

But now that I am a student again I find myself wanting to do student like things.

I’m dying for a LAN weekend. However, my weekends are full until March. Unlike five years ago where we would decide on a Friday morning that we would be gaming for 36 hours, my friends and I need to coordinate our diaries. And it doesn’t help that the mates that LAN are also studying again.

(Photo from niko on Flickr)

My wild side is coming to the surface and is considering going to RAG 2012 (now that I have access to campus again. Memories from the last one in 2008 include getting horribly drunk, crying because I imagined I was in love with someone I couldn’t have and throwing up for half an hour. I then woke up at 6am to go on the actual parade and spent four hours on the back of a truck with a bad headache.

My sensible side says no, it’s more fun to curl myself around a book on a Friday night. Then I can get to bed early, because the pony needs riding in the morning.

Thanks to Lauren Barkume for the photo

Deep down I actually only like ponies, books and steak. And long walks on the beach. And I do not have the stamina for long nights.

I need to get fit for late nights though. That’s when I will be studying. So, this is me saying farewell to the world: see you when I graduate.

Photo from Nammit on Flickr

I’m going back to university

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