To go or not to go? My High School Reunion (10 Years Later)

So it turns out I have been out of high school for about a decade now. That means, in 2012 the popular kids will be trying to get us all together for a reunion. I am very undecided about attending this event – leaning more towards “Pass, thank you very much”. I am still friends with the people I like and I don’t particularly care much about the rest. There is a reason why I have never spoken to them, and I really doubt I’ll be starting at the reunion.

I can see it now, 104 class of 2002 adults, standing around awkwardly and talking about the good old days that were actually awful. I hated high school. Worst time of my life, without a doubt. I spent my last year drinking and smoking pot just to make time pass and I could go to university. Just thinking about it makes me angry and frustrated.

Photo from jdmac020 on Flickr

But thanks to Facebook there is now a group and everyone has been added to it. I couldn’t help myself by go through the list and see what I have missed and this is what I picked up from the profile pictures (I don’t need to mention names).

Some there is a guy that likes fishing. At least, I’m guessing he does. His profile picture is of him in a bad hat, with a rather average looking fish. His girlfriend is sitting in the background. I guess he has money now.

There is also a girl that is on her (at least) second marriage. At least I am assuming that the guy that I do not know with her and the baby between them is her husband. She used to preach abstinence. But maybe she hired the baby and a guy just for this year so that she can fit in? She should have thought about changing her surname, because now she just looks a little slutty.

There are lots and lots of babies.

A couple of guys have turned into super cars.

A lot of people are married and a lot of people still drink a lot.

One of my favourite pictures is of a guy that took his own profile picture. And you can see his arm – so it looks like one of those slutty teenage pictures kids these days take to try and look sex. Instead they just look like they have big and ugly heads. Including this guy.

And there are a LOT of people that I didn’t even know I went to school with.

Looks like it’s going to be a GREAT party.

While the two minutes I spent looking over everyone was vaguely entertaining, I just feel painfully bored. And it’s pretty much exactly the same way I felt back at high school and it’s the feeling that went away when I got out of that town.

And no, I am not stupid, I know that I am Facebook friends with the primary person responsible for planning the reunion. And I will post this to my profile, fully aware that anyone can now read it. And I don’t really care much if I lose my invite.

Middle Finger
Photo from Yasmeeeeeeen on Flickr

I only want to go so that I can blog about it.

To go or not to go? My High School Reunion (10 Years Later)

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