My 2012

This year I will not be writing at least one blog post a week. I won’t be exercising more often either. I will probably eat more fruit and vegetables, but I am not going to commit to anything. I’m still going to be smoking, unless I really feel it’s time to quit.

This year I will not be making any serious resolutions that I won’t be able to keep. In 2012 there are only two things I plan on being better about.

1. I will clean my tack more regularly.

2. I want to eat more steak.

By cleaning my tack, I will automatically be a better horse woman. And this is a life time goal of mine. My equipment will last much longer and my ponies will look much more impressive.

Shiny leather beats dirty leather

And I love nothing more than a good steak. It makes me happy and fills me up.

All I need

This way I know I will have no guilty feelings about my blog being idle for a while (I do this mostly for fun after all). And I don’t have to care about my running shoes gathering dust in the back of the cupboard either. At least I know they are there when I need them. I can eat what I want, because I tend to automatically prefer healthy food and as for smoking, I’ll be ready one day.

And just like that I am going into 2012 more relaxed and confident about achieving my goals. I’ve already cleaned my tack thoroughly – my leather is spotless and smells fantastic. As for the steak, I had a particularly good one on 1 Jan.

How many people can beat that kind of performance five days into the year?

My 2012

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