Lee is…

Who am I? Well, Google says the following:

Lee is one to watch.
As long as you’re not creepy about it.

This is incorrect

Lee is a sick man.
So sick that I have breasts and a vagina.

Lee is getting sued.
Gosh, I sure hope not.

Lee is wrong about the internet killing comedy.
I’ve never thought it was killing comedy. It just means more bad comedy is freely available.

Lee is again used as comic relief.
Because I am funny sometimes.

Lee is all there is.
This pleases me.

Lee is the Shakespeare of the 20th century.
Yes! No someone pay me to write, damnit!

Lee is playing with a clubbed cast.
What does this even mean?

Lee is on a path to Louisiana.
…but will travel to numerous other places first.

Lee is against whale masturbation.
This is not true! I am in no way against masturbation of any kind. And whales have so much stress. I’m all for it.

Lee is…

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