I’m a Toyota person now

I have joined the ranks of Toyota drivers… Yes, we are the ones who like practical and reliable cars that will probably outlive us.

My Toyota it a T3 Yaris. And while I don’t like the gearbox very much and I think they shouldn’t even have bothered with the boot, it’s a really good car. Yaris Logo

The first thing that came to mind when I drove it was functional. But it was comfortable and it felt natural to drive, so I bought it.

And the inside is not entirely unpleasant

Then came the week of buyer’s remorse. It’s a lot of money to spend on one thing. Then came three days of paranoia that the dealer would run off with my money. Then the car arrived.

And it grows on me daily. It’s a bastard in traffic, but everywhere else, it’s a delight. And it’s a good looking car. And a definite upgrade from a completely basic little Opel Corsa. As much as I love Molly and always will, I finally have a grown up car. It will probably be good for me too – I won’t be tempted to drive like a teenager anymore, because, to be honest, the Yaris doesn’t stir those feelings in me. Instead it makes me feel more mature and sensible. And I feel a bit less out of place driving through affluent areas now.

It’s not a bad looking car either. I was looking at it, with the pearly rain drops on it this morning, and I thought, hey, that is a nice looking vehicle. Then I gave myself another mental pat on the back while I admired it a bit more. Good job Lee. And now there is less than 0 doubt that I got the right car.

Nothing like blurry backgrounds to set off that colour.

I look forward to my drive home, in my sensible car. I will feel mature. I will appreciate the reliability and functionality.

Yup – Toyota has changed my life a little. I’m one of those people now.

I’m a Toyota person now

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