Changing jobs is a little bit like going through a divorce

I resigned from my previous job about four months ago. And it was a highly traumatic experience. And my ex-boss got to keep the kids. Restraint of trade means I can’t be with them anymore. To make it worse, I went to a competing agency, which is a little bit like infidelity. And my ex-boss made it clear that I had betrayed her. And I felt like a toad. Actually, I felt like a toad that had been run over by a truck.

The guilt was overwhelming. I nearly crawled back, begging for forgiveness. But the documents were signed and we were breaking up for good. But my little affair with my new job kept me going and I saw it through.

If a divorce is a bugger when pursuing greater things in your career, a real one must be a monster.

Then I saw some of my clients in the media, the final product of my work. And I missed them a little bit. I was a great parent and serviced the crap out of them. But I had to be a good parent to my new children.

Fortunately they were happy to welcome me into their family.

And the new job? It’s great. It’s a bigger family, and a warm and loving family. I’ve pretty much forgotten my past life. And I feel as though I have always been right here.

Did I betray my old boss? I don’t think so. I don’t think losing staff is much fun, but my new company is much, much better for me.

Am I a bad person for wanting something different? Absolutely not. It’s about growth and happiness and sometimes you need to be just the slightest bit selfish.

Do I have any regrets? Nope, none. I’m very happy.

But I do miss my old children a little.

Changing jobs is a little bit like going through a divorce

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