Aliens Exist

Apparently The X-Files is more fact than fiction. The FBI have made documents available to the public on UFO crashes, sightings etc.

They're here...

I have never doubted that aliens exist. The universe is that massive and chances are, somewhere out there a perfect set of conditions and circumstances resulted in the evolution of complex creatures capable of all sorts of exciting things. What they would want with our little planet is beyond me, but they exist. And they can travel through space – probably at the speed of light, or by using worm holes or something.

Hello alien friend, welcome to Earth. There's not much to see here, go probe some other planet.

So a lot of Americans are not paranoid. And Chris Carter was on to a thing or two and he’s a genius that can see the future. And the FBI really does investigate hyper-cool cases.

In fact, the FBI Vault (which contains FBI Documents that are available to the public) has an entire Unexplained Phenomenon section. There is a PDF on Extra – Sensory Perception. And one on Animal Mutilation – like the Mexican Goat Sucker episode in the X-files which I rather enjoy. Or the cows which are attacked by vampires.

And the documents in the Vault are probably legitimate, because the Majestic 12 file has BOGUS written all over it.

My entire world has changed. Stuff like this exists! Tokoloshes and mermaids are very likely real. I feel like a kid again.

Fuck this media career bullshit – I’m going to become an FBI Agent.

FBI Hall
This will be my office
Aliens Exist

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