Lee Should…

A while ago I asked Google what I need. Today I asked Google what I should do, because a girl needs to know.

Here are the Top 10 Things that Lee should be doing:


1. Lee should be on board for the rock album.

This sounds like a great idea, I should be on board for the tour too. Me, my limited musical talent and ripped jeans.

Rock Album
I'm all about the music


2. Lee to protect ‘open internet’.

It’s up to me to defend the world wide web from corporate and government in my free time.


Only I can save it.


3. Lee should have been Top Chef.

When I’m not saving the world wide web, I cook. In fact I am so good at it that I should have won a competition I never entered.

If I weren't already so cool I would Photoshop myself into this picture


4. Lee should avoid discussing Christian Theology.

Well… It’s not really my area of expertise.


5. Lee should pass on picking S.F. police chief.

Not a bad idea, since this is the first I have heard about it.


6. Lee should coach the New York Knicks.

This is probably an even worse idea than picking the S.F police chief.

I don't know the first thing about netball


7. Lee should “Shut His Face”.

If I were a man, this would be excellent advice for my Foot-in-Mouth disease.


8. Lee should date Sakura.

I would consider the Naruto character.

Sakura Naruto
Dating an Anime character would be almost as awesome as having a unicorn


9. Lee should stay in Texas.

And then I wouldn’t have to pretend I’m a cowgirl, I could actually be one.


10.  Lee should clarify comments on Islam Jamiyah.

I probably said something because of my Foot-in-Mouth disease and now I need to explain what I meant.


So that’s it: I am a politically incorrect, superhero with hidden musical talents and I should live in Texas.


Lee Should…

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