The Internet is Useless

I’m doing a little research on the internet at the moment. Or is it Google? I forget which one is more powerful.

I started out looking for brand acquisitions and examples of company mergers. I somehow ended up on:

KFC Cruelty

International Business Cards Collectors


When I looked for brands that have gained impressive market share I ended up looking at ‘How Datsun Became Nissan ‘ and I would like to read ‘Reality is Broken’ once I get through the ten books lying next to my bed (and the three in my car) that still need some of my attention.

Between all of that I have read a large amount of insightful blogs and articles that are actually a waste of my time at this stage.

I think the internet is being a tease. It won’t give me what I want.

On my lunch break I did a search for Hegre Nudes and decided not to access the site at work. When I clicked on the ‘leave’ button I was redirected to something completely unrelated to anything.

I have achieved absolutely nothing today.

The Internet is Useless

5 thoughts on “The Internet is Useless

  1. Nick Armstrong says:

    Hahahahahahaha – now Lee what are you looking for Hegre Nudes for…? I know he’s an artistic photographer – but only of the female form as far as I know… Lol!

    Something you’re not telling us suga…? 😉 xx

  2. Nick Armstrong says:

    Mmmmm….very interesting babes… I love this part in the Wiki description: Pansexualism is a hypothesis in psychology “that regards all desire and interest as derived from [the] sex instinct”[12] or, in other words, “that the sex instinct plays the primary part in all human activity, mental and physical.”[13]

    Absolutely! Couldn’t agree more. It drives us – in thought, feeling and actions/behaviour… I am absolutely ‘in tune’ or ‘in sense’ with female thought – her Mind – sex, sensuality, and sexuality – as all Life – is in the Mind – and from the Mind, our bodies follow – our ‘reality’ is created…

    Being very personal here – although I have also played in the fields of 3-somes and 4-somes (only occasionally – Lol!) – I have never physically engaged in the act with men alone – nor thought about it… However – I absolutely believe in the Universal Truth of freedom of choice (each to their own) – free from any judgement or labelling by others…And, very importantly, to free one’s own thinking, one’s own Mind, from the crushing energies of self-imposed guilt or judgements…

    Enjoy babes – love your thinking… xx

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