Junk Mail II

Since I am on a bit of a ‘junk mail’ trip these days, I thought I would continue…

Old school junk mail

I think the Internet is very clever. However, I don’t think spammers are.

Junk Mail
... and delete

I couldn’t really be bothered to do the research myself, but I am very curious of what the success rate if for spam. But somewhere, in a mouldy basement, a fat and pale man must be punching the air because someone wants to buy ‘90% off Valium’ and he’s finally made a sale and contact with another human being.

Or his ‘Lucrative Business Proposal’ begging for your bank details has been read and he gets to clear out a few bank accounts and become a fat and tanned man on a beach.

But I suppose the point of spam is to send out mass and random messages. This would explain why none of the junk mail I get is in anyway appealing to me.

I can honestly say that I don’t want to enlarge my penis. I don’t lie awake at night wondering if Cialis is better for my ED than Viagra – but it doesn’t really matter because I qualify for a 99.9% discount on both – so either option is as good as free. I don’t want to buy a $50.00 genuine replica watch. And I don’t really want to invest in oil, private banks, penguin droppings etc. Finally, I get flirtatious e-cards from unknown sources at least three times a week. So, either I have a stalker or the internet wants to go out with me.

ED Medication
The alternative to Viagra

And while I do sometimes read junk mail (because I like to judge people for poor grammar and sometimes the subject line does not reveal enough) I never follow through. Except for that one time when I wrote back:

Hahaha. You can’t be serious! Does anyone actually fall for this?

Paul Bruce Christine Johnathan Daisy Woodstock never bothered to get back to me. How rude.

Junk Mail II

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