My latest obsession is Ramen.

And I have lost interest in garage pies and sandwiches so it’s now my standard lunch.

My fascination with Ramen started a few years back when I was watching about 17 hours of Naruto a day. Naruto loves Ramen. Naruto is also a ninja and that means he is automatically more cool than anyone else. This means Ramen has to be awesome even though I am still not entirely sure what it actually is.

Little Ninja eating Ramen

And when I go to a Japanese restaurant I eat sushi. End of story. So I have limited education on this subject.

Ramen looks like this

But the Asian store with cheap tofu has a shelf of Ramen. Packet Ramen that cooks in two minutes. Maybe. There are no English cooking instructions on the Ramen, so there is a chance I’m eating half-cooked Ramen. But if you lift the flap where the plastic seals you can find English ingredients. These vary from bits-o-squid (I don’t buy this flavour) to seaweed (I will eat seaweed) and dehydrated bacon (not so sure about this). And then, while it’s nuking in the microwave you can find the warning ‘Super Spicy!’. This is announced in small print, but sounds triumphant to me. It’s a weak claim.

The Ramen I eat

My major concern with packet-Ramen is that it contains the following:

Sodium – 35g

Flavouring – containing 1000mg of sodium

Noodles – containing more sodium

So it’s not that nutritious and this confirms that ninjas don’t get their speed, agility and awesomeness from packet Ramen. And neither do I.

I’m still obsessed with Ramen though. I think about it for about an hour a day before I get up to prepare it. And early week Ramen is the best because I have several packets to choose from and I love making lunch decisions. Thursdays are not so great.

And just like that it finds its way onto my bucket list. I have to eat real Ramen before I die. Like Naruto does. Because it looks awesome. And it is less likely to give me a heart-attack.


3 thoughts on “Ramen

  1. The American says:

    Sometimes I just skip the boiling part and eat the uncooked noodles like crackers. They’re delicious too, and less sodium!

  2. Chris J says:

    You guys are scaring me, REAL RAMEN IS THE BEST, it is in no way DISGUSTING. It’s the stuff people line up and wait for up to 30 mins just to get in Japan.

    Also, what you call packet ramen is “instant ramen” and is really NOTHING like real ramen.

    hmm… honestly I can’t think of a good analogy of some American instant food vs. real… nothing is as far apart as instant ramen is to real Ramen.

    Maybe… think of a frozen hamburger patty all by itself- and a real gourmet Hamburger with bun and all the toppings. That’s kind of like I vs R. Instant ramen is JUST the gross freeze dried noodle and a little bit of fake broth. Real ramen is hand made fresh noodles, broth that is made from special ingredients like dashi, konbu and soy sauce, plus all the amazing toppings like Pork Cha Shu, bean sprouts, bamboo slices, seaweed, green onion, fish cake (which is the spiral thing called NARUTO and where the anime got its name). There is just no comparison.

    It’s also really hard to find a good real ramen restaurant in the U.S. But I suggest you look for one! Expect to spend about $8.

    Now, get yourselves ready for a mind blow. – The Yokohama Japan RAMEN MUSEUM.


    Ok, hope I got the point across, but you’ll never understand till you eat real ramen!!

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