10 Things I Need (According to Google)

Google is the latest religion. Think about it, it’s everywhere and knows everything. You can’t really see Google (think of their offices as a church), but you have a feeling it’s there. Maybe.

However, as a Google follower there is no 200 year delay on having your questions answered. So I decided to ask Google what I need. And this is what it says:

1. Lee needs more support (Time to go bra shopping)

2. Lee needs this hat (Oh yeah)

Number 2 on the list of what I need most.

3. Lee needs to get nasty  (I agree! But I’m not sure which one Google means)

4. Lee needs us (Sure, whoever you are – us, please identify yourselves)

5. Lee needs a kidney (Because two is not enough)

I need another one

6. Lee needs a safety net (For when I’m up high on things being reckless – I don’t even drink and drive!)

7. Lee needs a Nordpolitik (Awesome, because I really want one)

8. Lee needs the win (Yes! But what do I win? What’s the game?)

9. Lee needs your vote (Maybe then I’ll win?)

10. Lee needs Portland interest

I didn't before, but I have some interest in Portland now

So, just like leaving church on a Sunday, I’m still not sure about much. The only thing I got out of today’s religious activity is knowledge that I need a frog hat, new underwear and a whole heap of strangers. Apparently my kidney’s want a threesome and I’m into extreme sports. As a god Google doesn’t know me very well, but then again, I guess Jesus doesn’t either.

10 Things I Need (According to Google)

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