The Truth Behind Egg Donation

I am an egg donor.

There, I said it. The word is out. And yes, that does make me a little bit insane. Here is why:

1. In order to synchronize cycles with my recipient, I had to go onto the pill. And the pill really is the stupidest invention in human history.

Everyone knows why most people use oral contraceptives, but I really can’t imagine why someone would swallow that tiny tablet by choice. The pill kills libido. So please explain to me why, if you want to be having sex, you would take something that makes you not want to have get all hot and sweaty with someone. Is that where the contraception part comes in?

It also makes you fat. For the first time since I was 18 I can say “I ate too much chocolate”. It’s not a pleasant feeling at all, but I honestly can’t help myself. Then there is my constant craving for gherkins and peanut butter – both eaten straight from the jar and in frightening quantities. If I don’t have at least 5 meals a day… I don’t actually know what then, since it hasn’t happened in about a month.

The ONLY cool thing about this is my breasts. They look fantastic. Plastic surgeons should take casts, because everyone who is unhappy with their boobs should honestly consider a pair like mine. They are beautiful.

2. Because I need to be super fertile, I need to be super healthy; I have been in for many blood tests. This revealed that I have a slightly under-active thyroid (but this is easy to treat, and I plan on taking the pills for the rest of my life). However, the blood tests also showed that my prolactin levels are very high (it’s a fascinating hormone – Google it). So I get to take Parlodel (it’s a terrible drug – Google it), which makes you feel really, really, really awful.

Within 15 minutes of taking Parlodel, your nose will become congested and you will have difficulty breathing. The first few nights on Parlodel will be spent in a feverish, sleepless daze. It will further drain your sex drive and then there is nausea, dizziness and a general feeling of discomfort.

The side-effects do ease off after about a week. But I’ve been thinking about this a lot – why is there a drug available that makes you feel worse when you take it? As soon as this is over, I will stop taking it and let my pituitary gland make too much prolactin again, because it really is the nicer alternative.

3. I get to experience menopause at 25. So far I just have to deal with hot flushes, but when I start with the additional injections a few days from now, I very likely will experience the full package.  Awesome.

4. It’s also anti-feminist. I have essentially handed my body over to someone else. And it’s a complete surrender. My commitment to this means I have given up my reproductive system to a stranger. Then on the last day my eggs will be harvested, as though I am some crop that has been cultivated. These are things I didn’t think about when I made the decision to do this.

But I am going to go through with this. And I really hope that my recipient falls pregnant. If she wants a child this badly, and I can help her, then it’s worth it. Even if she doesn’t fall pregnant, I could at least give her hope for a while, and hope can sustain humanity.

The Truth Behind Egg Donation

2 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Egg Donation

  1. Jamie says:

    Hi – I just read your post on being a egg donor. (I don’t know how old that post is or if it is recent – forgive my ignorance!)

    I am being considered to being a egg donor for a family – I signed up for the program to help to pay for college tuition fees and expenses (and to help a family in need, of course!). But my biggest fear & worry is gaining weight and not being able to lose it.

    Like you, I HATE HATE HATE the bc pill – I was on it a few years ago for 6 months and I bloated up like a friggin balloon. I stopped and I lost the weight. But now I am at a happy weight with myself, and I am wondering – if I go into this program, will I blow up and not lose the weight?

    What happened with you? Any insight/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂

    1. Hi Jamie.

      I donated my eggs last year, with my aspiration date early in April 2010.

      I will be honest. Egg donation is HARD on your body. I found that by upping my Vitamin B intake and exercise I felt much better. It was a very up and down emotionally. The last week is the worst. And you feel a bit tender a few days afterwards.

      I picked up a bit of weight, but a lot was water retention. Herbal teas sorted that out. And I did a detox the week after. Then it takes a few month for your body to recover.

      If you eat carefully and exercise, you shouldn’t have any problems. I recommend doing it, because it’s very rewarding. In fact, I am back on the database and will be donating again over the next few months.

      P.S. I did a follow up post a few weeks later, so please browse through my blog and take a look.

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